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BPS Dentures

Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) - "Dentures that manage to make your smile seem like the most NATURAL thing in the world."

Teeth Radiate Character, Attractiveness, and Liveliness. – Attractive teeth provide you with self-confidence,Charisma, and self-assurance. It goes without saying, therefore, that you would want to gather all the necessary information that can help you reach a decision regarding optimum dentures for you.

If you have one or more of the following problems with your dentures

  • Loose fitting lower dentures.
  • Unable to chew hard foods.
  • Unable to speak clearly.
  • Unable to smile confidently.

then it’s the right time to switch from your existing conventional denture to scientifically designed B.P.S. denture.BPS Dentures- A system of dentures much beyond the conventional. The integration of clinical research, high end equipment and the best possible in materials ensure a satisfaction level that conventional dentures can rarely provide.

High quality standards ensure that BPS dentures meet your individual requirements. The masticatory (jaw movements while chewing) movements and the sensitivity of the oral mucous membranes are taken into consideration, as well as the wearing comfort during daily use, such as eating or speaking. The scientific impression recording procedures (different from conventional) and simulation of jaw movements by state of the art articulators in BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) ensure that the exact mechanics and nature of your jaw movements are perfectly understood by the dentist and the certified dental technician of the B.P.S.. This translates in to a BPS denture that meets even your most exacting requirements.


Reduced irritation to the gums from free monomer as there is complete polymerization.
Strong : Extremely dense material reduces the chances of breakage. Dentures are guaranteed against breakage for two years.
Clean : Because of the injection moulding process used in processing the denture, the denture base becomes non porous limiting the traditional odour expected from dentures.
Accuracy : Again, due to the injection moulding process, conventional dimensional changes do not occur. Dentures are accurate and they fit as expected.
Health : Because BPS dentures are accurate, none irritating, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, patients can eat better than conventional dentures.
Esthetics : Due to the natural appearance of Ivoclar teeth, resistance to wear and the attention to detail and precision incorporated during the construction of the dentures, dentures appear as natural as possible, so patients can smile, speak and laugh with confidence.
Fit : Due to extreme care incorporated in the construction of the dentures, it results into a better fitting, more comfortable prostheses (dentures that will require fewer adjustment appointments).
Normally BPS® Dentures require 5 – 7 Appointments, however the number of appointments could be reduced to four appointments only, but the time per appointment will increase accordingly.

FAQ's About BPS

1. What is a BPS Denture?

BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) dentures are made with systematically coordinated materials and techniques from one manufacturer to suit the individuals’ intra oral condition appropriately. BPS denture reproduces the functions of the natural teeth during mastication and speaking to a very high extent.

2. What is the advantage of BPS?

The patient will get a well fitting denture which is stable during functions like chewing, eating and speaking. The denture is extremely light and comfortable to wear, the teeth used are the best available – which are most aesthetic and wear very less – therefore enhance the life of the denture.

3. Can I eat harder foods with BPS dentures?

Yes. Even harder foods can be consumed immediately after denture insertion. The usage of high quality teeth sets and the work in the articulator according to the BPS principles makes a BPS denture a masterpiece.

4. What is the technology used to process the dentures?

The dentures are processes using continuous injection molding technique with high fracture resistant and 25years clinical approved material. The material not only ensures strength but is the lightest material available for denture base.

5. What is an Articulator?

It is a device which emulates the human jaw movements.