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Implant Technology

Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is a prosthetic device, made of titanium, which is implanted beneath the oral tissues and within the bone to provide retention and support for a fixed or removable prosthesis. If properly care for, many years of successful use of the dental implant can be expected.

  • Unlike conventional bridgework, dental implants can provide tooth replacement without the need to cut down adjacent teeth.
  • Dental implants also prevent the loss of bone in the area of the missing tooth. Replacing the tooth with an implant restores function to the bone and prevents the resorption of the bone.
  • Dental implants can also be used to anchor full or partial removable dentures. This provides much greater retention and security than traditional techniques.

Advancement in Implant Technologies and Techniques

Dental implants have significantly improved in the past 20 years. The understanding of the site requirements and placement procedures that are necessary to ensure primary stability have advanced considerably. Implant designs and surface treatments have also evolved. This has lead to high success rates for dental implant treatments with patients reporting greater comfort level.

Reduction of Treatment Time

Material developments and techniques such as the titanum oxide layer on dental implant surfaces has now allowed shorter treatment time. These new surface developments allows.

  • Enhanced osseointegration for unmatched stability
  • Immediate Function for patients
  • Ideal texture and porosity for bone apposition
  • Enhanced environment for bone formation
  • Soft Tissue integration for healthy connective/epithelial tissue and a natural looking gingiva
  • Its structure most similar to human cancellous bone thus absorbs blood proteins, aids bone growth

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare provides integrated, science-based solutions - from root to tooth - to dental professionals and their patients, including:

  • Dental implants and abutments
  • Individualized all-ceramic prosthetic solutions, including crowns, bridges, and laminates
  • Guided surgery software and scanners
  • A complete digitalized patient rehabilitation program
  • Biomaterials

Nobel Biocare offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions, which maximize safety, reliability, efficiency, and comfort. Nobel Biocare is:

  • Committed to the highest scientific standards and principles
  • Focused on product leadership, science and innovation, and customer care



The Endopore dental implant incorporates a unique, truncated cone-shaped design that uses a multilayered porous surface geometry over most of its length to achieve integration by three-dimensional bone ingrowth.
Developed in response to the need for a simpler, less invasive and biologically more compliant system, the Endopore implant employs an approach that has been used extensively for orthopedic joint replacement fixation since the mid 1980's. Compared to threaded implants, Endopore's surgical advantages include:

  • a secure, three-dimensional interlocking interface with bone
  • predictable and minimal crestal bone remodelling
  • greater surgical options with shorter implant lengths
  • an uncomplicated surgical sequence
  • minimal instrumentation and inventory


Zimmer Dental has gained the trust of thousands of clinicians worldwide who count on our comprehensive line of producs to deliver successful patient outcomes. DDC Clinic strive to maintain that trust by consistently offering unparalleled, scientifically-proven products1 for the best value in the industry.

FImplant System with its proprietary friction-fit internal hex connection, to our complete line of restorative and regenerative products backed by outstanding service and educational programs, DDC committed to the development of new products and services that simplify your practice.

Bio Horizons

Tapered Internal features proprietary Laser-Lok microchannels and patented reverse buttress threads on an anatomically tapered implant body. The Tapered Internal Implant also includes the value and simplicity of the esthetic 3inOneT prepable titanium abutment, with the same 1.5mm deep internal hex connection as the Internal and Single-stage Implants.

Single-stage is placed using the same surgical kit as the Internal (two-stage) Implant and also shares its internal hex connection. This flexibility allows clinician to choose the implant design that best suits each particular case.

Internal offers the value and simplicity of the included esthetic 3inOne prepable titanium abutment, with the proven 1.5mm deep internal hex connection and modified square thread design.

External also features the included 3inOne prepable titanium abutment, coupled with the time-proven 1mm high external hex. Modified-square threads have been proven to provide higher bone-to-implant contact and reverse-torque values than v-thread designs.

One-piece 3.0 with its integrated crown bridge abutment is specifically indicated for replacing maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors.

Overdenture brings affordable denture stabilization within the reach of many candidates with ridges too narrow for placement of wider, two-piece systems.